Generally thought of as a cat-goddess & protector of cats, Bastet was a goddess of domesticity, women’s secrets, sensuality, sexuality, fertility, and childbirth.


Although primarily a fertility figure, she was also associated with protection and defense of the home territory, and guarded against evil spirits and contagious diseases – especially diseases associated with women and children. She was one of the most popular and beloved goddesses of ancient Egypt from the 2nd Dynasty (c. 2890 – c. 2670 BCE) onward, and she enjoyed great status and wide veneration, being one of the few neter who’s worship traveled well beyond the borders of Egypt.

Here Bastet is depicted caught in a moment of feline distraction while striding forward surrounded by her subjects. She carries a sistrum [], a sacred rattle used in dances and religious ceremonies, and a bundle of Sacred Blue Lotus [] (Nymphaea caerulea).

This plant is the source of a mild natural anti-spasmodic and euphoric, and the ancient Egyptians would steep the flowers in wine for several weeks to utilize it as a sacrament in temple ceremonies and healing rituals. It was used to induce a calming euphoria; bringing mood-lift, heightened awareness and tranquility, which might lead to insight, release of fear, and an increased feeling of connection…

Bastet, 2018

Bronze with Gold Leaf Accents

20 in (h) x 14 in (w) x 14 in (d)

Limited Edition of 13 w. Artist’s Proofs


Photo Credit: Maya Blum Photography